My two kids were goofing off in the bathroom of all places not long ago. They usually leave their wrestling moves for the backyard, but a friendly game of house ball had them goofing off in the large bathroom that we all share on the main floor. When my oldest son did a karate kick that was supposed to be all show, he never expected that we would have to contact a plumber in Morris County NJ to fix what happened next. His brother moved quickly and he couldn’t compensate. His foot went flying pretty quick and ended up busting up the toilet.

I know there are some jokes in there since we have heard quite a few since his friends found out about this. The pressing issue was getting the toilet fixed as quickly as possible. None of us knew how to do this, so we contacted a plumber. He was able to come out that same day, which was a relief since we have six people in the house. That means two toilets should always be functional at any given time, so we needed to have this main one fixed quickly.

He took one look at it, and he couldn’t hold back his own chuckling. It really was a funny situation, because how many toilets end up getting sidelined because of a karate kick? Anyway, he told us that he would need to replace some pipes and suggested that we just get a brand new toilet. He could fix the old one, but it would be costly and would not be the best solution. He gave us some quotes on other toilets, and we were able to order one from him. He had to go pick it up, but he had it installed that same day. My sons offered to pay for the plumber out of their allowances, but I wouldn’t let them. It wasn’t that expensive, plus I knew that they were just goofing off. It did create a new house rule though, and no one plays in the bathroom anymore!

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