When I learned about CBD Oil UK versions, I knew that was going to be a product that my dad would like. He’s tried everything to no avail and was getting frustrated with all other oils on the market. The UK versions were untapped products for him. The way that they were described, it seemed to be a different way of being made than the US ones. It was worth a shot.

When my dad was younger, he feel from the roof of his home. He had broken legs and was dealing with pains from that for years after the fact. Doctors put him on pain medication, but that could only help for so long before he decided it wasn’t worth it. He tried therapies and massages to help him out as well but nothing really took the pain away.

When I learned about CBD and how it worked for other people, I got him some to try. It helped, but it didn’t take the pain away. He liked what it had done for him so he kept using it for a few months. We tried different strains of CBD to see if one worked better than the others and some did, some didn’t. The real reason he liked it was because it took the edge off of his pain. He could function more than before.

When I heard about the UK CBD, I researched it and read the legal production of it. It’s slightly different than the US, so I thought maybe it would work better. It worked a whole lot better on my fathers pain! He was walking around more and saying he felt better than he had in years! Pain is slight, but compared to what he is used to the pain is manageable! I would tell everyone to try it!

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