There was so much I wanted to learn about Parc Life. It is an EC development that is just in the perfect location for me, so I was hoping that everything else would work out there as well. My husband and I have two children, so we definitely need at least three bedrooms. I actually want four though because both sets of grandparents like to visit, and I wanted to have a nice room for them to stay in for their overnight visits rather than one of the kids having to give up their room for a night or two.

I looked at the floor plans for the four and five bedroom units, and I was very pleased with what I saw with both. I looked at the features of the condos too, and I knew that I would be happy in any of them. There are built in wardrobes, mobile pedestal drawers, air conditioners, and so much more. I knew that the favorite spot for probably everyone would be the balcony because it is so large. The kitchen actually extends out onto it, which makes it perfect for entertaining guests or just enjoying it for ourselves too.

I looked at the features of the entire development next, and I was so surprised with how many there are. This is definitely a place for people who like to be active or pampered. There are so many different spa experiences, and I knew that we would take advantage of every single one of them. The kids even have their own spa areas, and there are ones just for us adults too. The Canberra Park entrance is really neat too, and I knew that we would end up spending a lot of time there. It really did not take my husband and myself very long to determine that this was perfect for our family.

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