I found a site about laptop deals for Cyber Monday 2017 and I’m glad I did because I desperately need a new laptop and almost bought one at the full price. Paying top dollar for anything isn’t fun, but I totally forgot about the Cyber Monday thing and how it’s tied into Christmas. I’m betting that Cyber Monday is eventually going to eclipse Black Friday when it comes to Christmas deals and sales. So many people are buying tech now that it’s only a matter of time before Cyber Monday becomes the premier shopping day. Especially seeing as how so many people buy online.

I love buying everything online with the exception of maybe fresh produce and some types of clothing. Buying my tech stuff online has become so routine that I can’t even remember the last time I bought a computer or a similar device in an actual store. Obviously, Cyber Monday is my kind of shopping day. While I needed the laptop fairly quickly, I figured I could wait it out and try and get a steal in November. When you can potentially save hundreds of dollars, you better believe I’ll run my current laptop on rubber bands and Scotch tape to make it last.

The site had a helpful list of previous deals from a number of large retailers. I was able to see the sort of deals I could expect this year and make plans to check out various sites and try and get in before the crowd. Looking back through last year’s deals, it’s astonishing how much you could save if you knew where to look. Armed with the information I found on this site, I know where to look first and what to look for so I can get the best deal. Who doesn’t want to save hundreds of dollars?

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