In order to attend school in Singapore, I had to find somewhere to live. Some searching brought me to, where I learned that there was a nice place by the sea that would be nice for me to live. Other students from my school live in the same building, and we take public transportation to class from the building every day. We sometimes get together and have study sessions in the residence. We’ll usually pick one person’s room to have the session and all meet there. After studying, we go down to the pool and swim for a while to relax a little and get rid of the tensions created from studying.

We have a really big exam coming up that is going to be worth a large portion of our grade, so we’ve been studying non stop for the past week. It’s hard to study and not want to just go down to the pool and have some fun, but we all agreed that we wouldn’t do any swimming until we studied for a certain amount of hours each day. The study material can get boring at times, but be take a few breaks every now and then to eat some snacks and look at the sea view. The sea has a really weird way of calming us that we can’t exactly explain. Maybe it’s the waves moving back and forth, or it’s the sounds of the water.

There’s only a couple of days left until the exam is here, and my friend and I can pretty much remember all of the study material off the tops of our heads. I think we have a pretty good shot at getting some of the highest grades in the class on this exam, provided that our teacher doesn’t decide to throw in any trick questions. He has done that a couple of times and the students have gotten mad at him about that.

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