I am going to be over here for a couple more days, because things have not really progressed according to the schedule I had when I arrived. It has not been my problem, but it seems as though the people I am dealing with do not have me and my business as a very high priority. Of course I have returned the favor and pretended to not be interested as well. I believe that they were having trouble with the people who provide their transportation services and this was causing them problems with their clients, because they were behaving as though an entire shipment was lost somewhere in some sort of bureaucratic snafu. Of course that sort of thing can happen and it is why you always fix it so that you are dealing with reliable people and that you have insurance on everything. I actually figured out the entire story on my own after picking up some tidbits.

Of course in a lot of these countries you have corrupt government officials and one of the most convenient ways to make money in a lot of places is just to boost stuff that is being shipped through your country. In this case it appears that someone in a nearby port had stolen about a dozen shipping containers. In all likelihood they took these particular containers by accident. This stuff is valuable, but not to just any random person you might meet. It only has value to people who own particular types of factories and unless you know these people this stuff is not going to be much use to you. So eventually they found their shipping containers sitting upon the side of the street. Some of the stuff was gone and damaged, but the thieves had not been able to sell it.

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