When we recently retired and moved to Texas, there were so many things to be done. For example, I had to look online for electricity companies in Corpus Christi just to make sure we would have power. It’s amazing when you have set down deep roots that lasted for years that you forget how much work it takes to set up new roots somewhere else. It is exhausting. You have to find a new doctor, a new dentist, get a new driver’s license, and all sorts of other stuff. You have to set aside a fairly large block of time just to get things to the point where you can do all the other stuff.

What surprised me is how easy it is to do nowadays. Thirty years ago you had to drive all over the place, set up appointments, go back later and meet with people just to get the lights turned on. Not anymore. Now it is as easy as going online and checking out your options. And surprisingly there are more than one option. Remember when you could only get your telephone from Ma Bell? And not only that you had to wait months for them to come out and hook up the line and install the phone! Crazy stuff.

For our power it was as simple as locating a site and picking an option. You can input your information and someone gets right on it. It still takes a bit of time, of course, but it is much faster than before. We were barely settled in and bingo we had lights. And believe me when I say it is important to get that covered immediately in Texas. The weather here can be brutally hot and if you can’t get that air conditioner running, you are in big trouble!

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