I have been too so many places that sold shower doors in New Jersey, that I feel like I could tell anyone anything about shower doors. The fit, frame, and the material that makes up the door are important and are important to how you are going to use the shower in general. Some of the best tips I have ever gotten, I had gotten from people who had worked at the bath fitting places.

In general, how often you want to clean is one of the first jokingly things that are asked. However, the question really lets the sells person help you find a better material match for you. If you want to clean a lot, glass is an okay option. It’s clear and so nice to look at and sets off a room, however it does get smudged and dirty fairly quickly. For an easier option, use acrylic or plexi glass. These materials look just like a glass shower door, but won’t get smudged or dirty as quickly as the glass one would. They are also cheaper options as well, so it helps you save time and energy when it comes to cleaning.

Not only is the material of the doors important, so are the functions of the doors. You can have an open shower or one with doors. The doors can be sliding or hinged, depending on what is easier for you. One of the important things to remember with doors is who is going to use the doors the most? Will it a healthy adult or will it be someone who has a handicap? Lifestyle can really effect the choices and who should be using what kind of door. The knobs on the doors are also important, if you choose to have a door and not an open shower. Round knobs are usually a classic, but some people have a harder time grabbing those so a handle is better suited for the door.

No matter what you choose, the function and beauty of the shower should be an inviting and cozy place for you to relax. A lot of the time, people take that spot for granted as a spot of relaxing and stress relief. Why not have it functional and beautiful?

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