I grew up in the Northeast, right by the beach. We had some really awesome summers but the winters were brutally cold. I vowed to always live in a place that got all four seasons of weather, I thought it was an important part of who I was as a person. Then when I was twenty-five the factory that I worked in relocated down to Georgia. I sat with a newspaper looking at apartments near Atlanta airport and I knew I had to make an important decision: Would I stay where everything was familiar or would I take a chance on something new and exciting and move down to Atlanta, where I would get a promotion and be able to live far more comfortably than I had been. As you may have guessed, I choose the new and unfamiliar. As much as it scared me to move to a town where I knew absolutely nobody but where my life could have a chance to flourish.

As the plane touched down in my new city I had butterflies in my stomach, a mixture of nerves and excited energy. I got to my new apartment and met the movers to get started setting up my home. I ran into several neighbors as I did so and they were all so friendly and kind, giving me pointers on where to go and what to do as a new resident. This was in sharp contrast to the way that my previous town had been, where nobody said hello to anyone. If you walked down the street and someone smiled at you, you’d assume they were either crazy or a tourist. Here in Atlanta I’m really coming out of my shell and loving the warm supportive atmosphere and all the great new friends and neighbors I’ve met. Moving here was a great choice and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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