When a friend of mine encouraged me to buy Datpiff downloads, I could only look at him with dismay; what in the world is Datpiff, I wondered. I hadn’t heard of the service before so I had to do what any good digital native does in this situation; I Googled them and quickly found out that my friend was correct in recommending this service to me. Even with Rhapsody and Spotify at my disposal, it can be difficult to find those songs that exist only on different mix tape albums – the kind where a multitude of singles are tossed on.

Even in the early days when Napster and Bear Share ruled the tubes with their downloads, it was challenging to find those songs that exist solely as a single rather than being part of any album. Sites like Datpiff are offering a unique way of discovering those singles for you to download and enjoy and at a reasonable price at that! It has always bothered me that we are only just now in the past five years or so seeing the rise of legal services. For so long the RIAA did everything in their power to diminish this industry.

Thankfully, they failed. I know I am not alone when I say that I am so,so happy to see them fail. It’s immensely satisfying to see this entity, who did everything in their power to scare people into submission with their absurd lawsuits, completely and utterly give in. They couldn’t stop pirating; how could they? They would have to literally control the Internet and despite Comcast’s and Time Warner’s best efforts, they would never be able to do that. It makes a person want to dance with joy and laugh in their faces that all their money spent was for naught.

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