Getting My Home Clean Without Me Cleaning It

I recently moved to a new country. WIth my work schedule, I needed cleaning services for Singapore. I went on the preferred cleaning website and they were able to help.

Before we moved in, they came and helped make sure it was clean and safe for my loved ones. They cleaned the cabinets and drawers out and got it ready for me to make my house a home. And all of the little jobs i was dreading are done such as cleaning the windows.

I love having a clean home but between work and children I had no time to clean. I was able to get part time cleaning help to ease some of my burden. They are friendly, courteous and did a great job. Read More »

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It Never Hurts to Have a Second Clean

Many months ago, I began the hunt for my first house. I looked through the many listings to find one that would suit my tastes, and many came close to making the final cut, but they were just missing something that made them special to me. Not only did I have to look at pictures of these homes, but I have to see many of them in person to make sure that the listings were accurate. I bought the best one, and I hired a service for pre moving in cleaning for Singapore, because even though the previous owner told me it was clean, I wanted to be completely sure.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a service do a second clean on a home. There might have been something that the original homeowner might have missed when they were cleaning the first time around. In any case, I was confident that the home was completely clean once I moved in. Of course, I would be making my own mess in the home and would have to clean it up. Read More »

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My Back is Finally Better

The first time I hurt my back was over a decade ago, when I was a senior in college. At the time I was the starting running back for a small college football team. However I injured myself horsing around with some other guys at this party just off campus. The coach was really mad at me, since there just was not too much behind me and we had a chance to win the conference title and go to the playoffs. I ended up going to a chiropractor in Concord and that was all that it took. He told me that the bones or vertebra in my spine were in the wrong place. It is a serious thing to consider when you think about however. Read More »

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This Will Not Be My Last Adjustment

I woke up last week feeling stiff. I did not think much about it because everyone has a bad night’s sleep now and again. I thought that was all that was wrong, even though I didn’t feel better throughout the day even with several cups of coffee, which is the cure for many of life’s woes in my opinion. I went to sleep that night hoping to wake to a better day, but that didn’t happen. This lasted for three days, and I finally had enough of it. A friend at work told me I should see her Vancouver chiropractor because it sounded like I might have something wrong in my neck or back since this was such a persistent problem.

I needed to get a good night’s sleep, and I also needed to be focused on my work rather than how awful I was feeling during the day. Read More »

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Thinking About Replacing My Laptop

I found a site about laptop deals for Cyber Monday 2017 and I’m glad I did because I desperately need a new laptop and almost bought one at the full price. Paying top dollar for anything isn’t fun, but I totally forgot about the Cyber Monday thing and how it’s tied into Christmas. I’m betting that Cyber Monday is eventually going to eclipse Black Friday when it comes to Christmas deals and sales. So many people are buying tech now that it’s only a matter of time before Cyber Monday becomes the premier shopping day. Especially seeing as how so many people buy online.

I love buying everything online with the exception of maybe fresh produce and some types of clothing. Buying my tech stuff online has become so routine that I can’t even remember the last time I bought a computer or a similar device in an actual store. Obviously, Cyber Monday is my kind of shopping day. Read More »

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This is Perfect for Our Family

There was so much I wanted to learn about Parc Life. It is an EC development that is just in the perfect location for me, so I was hoping that everything else would work out there as well. My husband and I have two children, so we definitely need at least three bedrooms. I actually want four though because both sets of grandparents like to visit, and I wanted to have a nice room for them to stay in for their overnight visits rather than one of the kids having to give up their room for a night or two.

I looked at the floor plans for the four and five bedroom units, and I was very pleased with what I saw with both. I looked at the features of the condos too, and I knew that I would be happy in any of them. There are built in wardrobes, mobile pedestal drawers, air conditioners, and so much more. I knew that the favorite spot for probably everyone would be the balcony because it is so large. The kitchen actually extends out onto it, which makes it perfect for entertaining guests or just enjoying it for ourselves too. Read More »

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I Am Proud of My Smile

I honestly thought there was no hope for my smile without investing a lot of money that I just did not have. I did not take very good care of my teeth when I was younger, and I had definitely been paying the price ever since. Though I started taking care of my teeth much better after graduating college, the damage was already done. When I moved to Denver, I didn’t worry about finding a dentist at first. It was not until I started having a toothache that I knew I needed a dentist for Denver Co.

I did a search, hoping to find one that would just get me in and out as quickly as possible. I was hoping that I would need to have my tooth pulled, because I was already missing three others in the back. I did not want to keep losing my teeth that way. They were able to see me the same day I called, and I was so thankful when the dentist was able to save my tooth by putting in a filling. Read More »

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Helping a Relative Find a Living Space

My cousin was a recent college graduate and wanted a place to live. He asked me if he could get in on my lease and live with me. I told him no, because my apartment barely had enough room without him being in it. I really just didn’t want to give up on having a place to myself, but he doesn’t need to know that. I did give him the suggestion of going to to find an apartment that would be good for someone in his situation. There are a lot of recent graduates, which meant that my cousin would have a lot of people to socialize with once he got the apartment.

Things turned out well for my cousin. He was able to get an apartment, and he met a young woman who he would start dating. She graduated college that same year and was in a frantic rush to find living arrangements. I never understand why people who are this young are rushing to do any kind of apartment hunting. I guess they’re eager to just move out of their parents homes, regardless of how financially prepared they are. They should really think these things through, because if they can’t make the payments, then they’ll have to go back home anyway.

My cousin often calls me for advice when he is going on a date with the girl. He’s trying not to drive her away by doing anything stupid, and wants me to coach him like this is some kind of television sitcom. It’s funny that he asks me for help, because I haven’t been in a relationship in a year, and the last one I was in ended pretty badly. I guess he just looks up to me that much and is willing to listen to anything I have to say.

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The New Life in Las Vegas

My fiancee Jooeun and I love each other very much. We were made for each other. After four and a half years, I finally proposed marriage. Jooeun gleefully accepted my offer. I was so happy. We both decided to move into our own place. We decided it would be a smart move to have our own place to stay. We did not want to be a burden on other people. We saved our money. We looked at Bloom apartments in Las Vegas. We felt that this was the best place to start our future together.

Jooeun and I met in college. I was studying business at the time. She was a fine art major. It was her passion. She wanted to be a famous photographer. I met her at a display at school. She showed me her portfolio. It was so amazing. She was very talented. We talked about each others plans after graduation. Weeks later, we started dating. The more time I spent with her, I knew that she was the perfect one for me. After graduation, we planned to get married and find our own place.

We searched many places before we found the perfect place to call home. We finally saw the Bloom apartments. We heard a lot of good things about the place. I thought the apartments were very beautiful. The outside was very kept and neat. The inside was just as beautiful.. The kitchen looked very spacious to me. I could prepare a feast in there. The apartment had two bedrooms and bathrooms. I was very pleased. I loved the fireplace that was in the apartment. It was a nice touch to the whole place. It also had a washer and dryer. Jooeun loved the swimming pools. She thought they were beautiful. We fell in love with the place instantly.

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Enjoying Southern Living in North Charleston, South Carolina

People down here can’t get over the fact that I like iced tea, but I drink it without any sweetener at all. They all like their “sweet tea.” One fellow tells me his “Momma makes sweet tea with so much sugar the pitcher she puts it in became a diabetic.” Well, I am a diabetic, and that is why I get the unsweetened tea when out. My wife uses artificial sweetener. I don’t like the taste. I’m not a perfect fit for southern living, but when we looked for apartments for rent in North Charleston, I felt we found a place we could call home.

I have been here 20 years and have not picked up the accent. I still sound as north as a suburban boy could be. Coworkers still refer to me as the “Yankee.” I can out-fish and out-hunt all of them. Though, I do my hunting with a camera, I get closer to animals every day that they wait season after season to get close to. Read More »

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Setting out on My Next Adventure

I grew up in the Northeast, right by the beach. We had some really awesome summers but the winters were brutally cold. I vowed to always live in a place that got all four seasons of weather, I thought it was an important part of who I was as a person. Then when I was twenty-five the factory that I worked in relocated down to Georgia. I sat with a newspaper looking at apartments near Atlanta airport and I knew I had to make an important decision: Would I stay where everything was familiar or would I take a chance on something new and exciting and move down to Atlanta, where I would get a promotion and be able to live far more comfortably than I had been. As you may have guessed, I choose the new and unfamiliar. Read More »

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Discovering the Perfect Housewarming Gift for My Son’s New Apartment

My son had just signed the lease on his first apartment and I was in the process of getting ready to see it for the first time. Ever since getting his job offer in Baltimore, he had been searching for a place to live and concentrated on apartments for Towson MD as his ideal area. For as much as I would have loved to have helped him find a place to live, I knew he wanted and needed to do this on his own and find a place that suited him rather than a place that would suit me.

I was more than pleasantly surprised upon arriving at his address to find a beautiful, incredibly well-kept building and his apartment, though desperately in need of some accessories, was gorgeous with plenty of space and had obviously been freshly painted.

My son was anxious to give me a tour and I loved his hardwood floors and the tile in his bathroom. Read More »

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I Am Going to Move Forward with Finding a Place

I’ve always been a bit fearful of things of a lot of things in life. I couldn’t figure out why this happened for many years, and my family couldn’t figure it out either at first. For example, I was recently looking for an apartment in Mcdonough GA one day, and I had an anxiety attack. The thought of living alone suddenly terrified me as I was taking a tour of the apartment. Afterward I was so frustrated because it happened in front of the employee who is giving the tour. And I felt silly because I know from hearing from all my brothers and sisters that living alone to be a lot of fun.

Mom said that when I was a kid, my brothers and sisters would forge ahead of my parents to explore all sorts of things. They had very little fear. Read More »

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Our First Year in Texas Worked out Pretty Good

We decided it would be more financially responsible for my wife to find new work in Texas and me to take the job I was offered in Arlington than for me to try and find work back home while she kept her job. She did not have a lot of time in, and the places she applied for in Texas said they would grant her the same seniority she had at her old job. We looked for apartments for rent in Grand Prairie TX that was just next door to Arlington, and we found a great place at the Forum. We liked everything about the place, and that resort style pool was a real attention grabber. Being able to swim pretty much anytime we wanted was right up my alley.

The kitchen has appliances, so we did not have to bring anything with us. The place has washer and dryer hookups, and that is more than what we had where we moved from. Read More »

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Going Where I Can’t Be Found

I was in a desperate search to find a place to live after I broke up with my boyfriend. Things quickly took a turn for the worse and he was following me around. I would see him at the store, at the post office, and even at the laundromat. He would just be watching me, not doing anything. One day he flashed a gun and I went out and got a restraining order. I was afraid he would kill me, so I followed a click here link to find a new apartment to live in. He wouldn’t be able to find me in a new place as long as I don’t tell anyone where I live.

One of the places I found in my searches was what I considered to be one of the most beautiful places to live. The thing that instantly turned me on was that this place had its own swimming pool. There’s nothing more I like to do than swim after a hard day of work and relieve my stresses. Read More »

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