We decided it would be more financially responsible for my wife to find new work in Texas and me to take the job I was offered in Arlington than for me to try and find work back home while she kept her job. She did not have a lot of time in, and the places she applied for in Texas said they would grant her the same seniority she had at her old job. We looked for apartments for rent in Grand Prairie TX that was just next door to Arlington, and we found a great place at the Forum. We liked everything about the place, and that resort style pool was a real attention grabber. Being able to swim pretty much anytime we wanted was right up my alley.

The kitchen has appliances, so we did not have to bring anything with us. The place has washer and dryer hookups, and that is more than what we had where we moved from. The refrigerator has an ice maker, and I say it is the little things that make the difference. Being able to meet our neighbors when we were checking out the apartments for rent in Grand Prairie TX was nice too. It let us know a bit of what we were getting ourselves into. The short commute is something we both like. No more fighting city traffic for over an hour each way every morning going to work.

I like the Texas lifestyle too. It is not like it was in the big city we moved from back east. The pace is different, and we enjoy the weather. It is nice to have what feels to us like endless summer. The neighbors tell me I will get used to it and then not want to swim when it is cold out. I told them I have not felt what I would call a cold day yet, and we had been there for a year by that point. We renewed our lease at the Forum for another year.

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