I’m glad I was able to find an apartment at http://jjh.com.sg, because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have had anywhere to live when I was in Singapore. I went there with 3 other friends for a vacation in the summer. This was the last vacation I would be able to have with my friends because we were all graduating from college and would have to go on with our lives after that. We needed one last exciting time before entering the work force and having all of our time consumed by responsibilities and family life.

After finding the apartment, we took a plane to Singapore and were amazed at how great the apartment looked. It looked nice in the photos we saw online, but it was even more impressive in person. After choosing who would sleep in what room and unpacking our luggage, We set out in Singapore to find one thing that we all wanted to see: the beach. As friends, we have a rule that we must see the beach in any country we visit. It’s something we made up during college. Some people may see the rule as something silly, but we like it, and we have a lot of fun at the beach.

We had a great time at the beach, but we worked up a great appetite, so we went to some of the restaurants for some authentic Singaporean cooking. The food there was amazing. It was unlike anything we ever had at the restaurants in our own country. If I could eat Singaporean cuisine every day of my life, I would. We took a look at all of the recommended tourist attractions, and saw some things that people tend to skip when they visit Singapore. My friends and I agreed that if we ever have free time, we should go to Singapore again.

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