When my husband left, he took more than half of what we owned together. I came home one night to find most everything taken from our apartment. It was horrifying to walk in after work and see so many things missing. Once I figured out what had happened, I went to turn on my laptop so that I could listen to some soothing music. It was mind blowing to see that he had even taken my laptop with him. I went to my favorite MP3Skull site with the help of an old laptop that I had in the closet to get some music. As unique as that may sound, it made me instantly relax to hear my favorite songs. I sat back after that and began thinking about the situation.

My ex and I were married for only six months. I will be the first to admit that I probably shouldn’t have married him so quickly. We fell in love very fast, but now I can look back and see that we really did not know each other well. I knew that I could be trusted, but I didn’t know if he could be trusted. I simply had not been with him long enough for him to be able to prove to me that he was a trustworthy person. We married just two months after we first met.

I had no idea that the man that I was marrying was a cheater and he was not honest in many other ways. When I first found out that he was cheating on me just two months after our wedding, I tried hard to keep our relationship together. Then, just as I said earlier, he up and moved out without a word one night. We went through the divorce process for about 2 months, and I never did get back most of my belongings. But I am slowly getting my life together one step at a time again.

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