I always thought that I lived in these safest neighborhood in the world. The thought that anyone would think of robbing a person in my general area was absurd to me. I was naive for thinking like this, because my next door neighbor was robbed. The only reason that my house wasn’t robbed as well was probably because the thief could carry anymore items. My house could have just as easily been hit with enough time and preparation, and that was enough to get me to contact various security companies in the hopes of getting a security system installed.

I don’t like the idea of thinking that something may happen, but I would rather have that thought than have to live with the fact that something may have happened and I could have prevented it. My neighbor was devastated to learn about the robbery. Many items that had been stolen from his home had been in his family for years. He’s still not sure if the police will be able to recover the items that were taken from him. Although these items have a monetary value, for my neighbor, they are simply priceless and nothing can ever make up for them.

To put my mind at ease, I had a top of the line security system put in place that would alert me at all times of anything. The alerts don’t only happen through a loud alarm. Alerts are also sent to my phone, and there are cameras set up around my home that I can view from any active Internet connection. Every once in a while when I’m at work, I’ll take a peek at the cameras to make sure that everything is fine. The camera footage is stored locally, so I can review it whenever I have free time.

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