I cried when my husband told me that he really wanted us to move to another country. I had never traveled anywhere in my own country, so moving out of it really scared me. He sat me down and told me how good the move would be for us and the kids. It took me awhile to get used to the idea and now I’m loving living in a new place. We live in the New Futura in Singapore and it is amazing. The kids love it and I do, too. I’ve always been someone who gets really anxious about things, but my husband helps to balance that out because he meets change head on and with strength. I end up following his lead a lot because I would never go anywhere at all if it weren’t for him giving me the nudge I need to make changes.

My husband was in the military and has traveled all over the world. He has always said that he loved it. However, when he told me that we would be moving because his company wanted him to do so, that wasn’t the same to me as doing it with the military. In the military, they make sure that you have a place to live and you can even live on the military base if you want to. You don’t even have to leave the base if you don’t want to. Everything is taken care of for you. With my husband’s job, we were told we would have to work out the move ourselves. They did say that they would help us find a place to live, though.

It turned out that moving your belongings to another country is not that much different from moving them across your city. Going to the grocery store or the doctor is not much different. I soon learned that it is not scary to move to another country. I love doing errands and getting out and checking things out in our new country. My kids are thriving and they love everything about their new school and friends.

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