The first time I hurt my back was over a decade ago, when I was a senior in college. At the time I was the starting running back for a small college football team. However I injured myself horsing around with some other guys at this party just off campus. The coach was really mad at me, since there just was not too much behind me and we had a chance to win the conference title and go to the playoffs. I ended up going to a chiropractor in Concord and that was all that it took. He told me that the bones or vertebra in my spine were in the wrong place. It is a serious thing to consider when you think about however. You do not want to let some random idiot messing around back there, so you want to think about who it is behind you when you lay down on that table.

This time I started out having a great time. A friend of mine has a piece of land on this nice lake and we went up there to camp out, fish and have a lot of fun on the lake. We had a couple of jet skis and a boat, which we used for a good deal of fishing.Then we went water skiing. I am pretty good at that, I did it a lot when I was young and I knew this guy who lived on a lake and was allowed to use his father’s boat. After a bit I decided that I wanted to try out the wake board that he had, even though no one there knew how to use it. I thought that I had it figured out for a little while. Then I really wiped out. I got up way in the air and I came down real hard.

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