I had a talk with the landlord this morning. He came by and let me know that when the lease was up he was going to sell the building to someone who seemed likely to tear it down and put up a bigger structure of some sort. So it seems that I have look at some sort of service offices, perhaps like the ones here. It seems like that is the best thing from what I can tell, or at least it is something which seems like the best thing to do for the short term. It is not going to be possible for me to set up an office as it would seem. When I put this together I had access to an out of work IT guy who was willing to work for cheap to set it up for me. The big thing is the phone and computer network. That is a very complicated thing for a normal person with ordinary technical skills to deal with. The guy who did it thought very little of the task and yet he had to do a lot of troubleshooting.

That is the thing that would be a big problem. It is not like putting a lego set together exactly. The pieces can fit together just fine and that does not mean that the system is going to be any use to you. This guy called it chasing gremlins or something like that. You have some tiny error some place in the code, which amounts to a speck in the middle of tons and tons of code. If you know what you are doing that is not so big of a deal perhaps or even then it might be very frustrating. However I would not even have a clue where to begin.

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