My neighbor is from Mexico. He has been here since he was born. His parents too. His grandparents emigrated here when they were young. Even though he is now a second-generation naturalized citizen, he still follows his roots as far as knowing his grandparent’s language and liking the music of his heritage. He also likes the contemporary music in Spanish as well as English. He has a lot of artists on his playlists who are from Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries. He uses the Krafta website to listen to a lot of mp3s. There are few Spanish songs I like even though I can only speak enough of the language to say very basic things.

There is a certain privilege to being bilingual. It is cool to be able to not only be able to listen and appreciate different genres of music on mp3 downloads, but to be able to do that in more than one language is really cool. I would have to listen to a lot more Spanish for a long time to be able to have a good grasp of the spoken language. Plus, there are all kinds of different dialects too. That may not sound like a big deal but it is. It is like a person from Maine trying to hold a conversation with someone who lives in the Louisiana bayous. They may both be speaking English, but it sure is different. I even have trouble with some New York English accents.

Listening to music and watching TV in another language is actually a great way to learn it. You can listen to words sung to a melody and memorize them. On TV you can watch people talking and figure out what they are saying over time. It is sort of a one way street to learning, but a lot of people do that to learn a new language more quickly. My friend is also able to speak a little Portuguese, and he likes music from Portugal as well.

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