My parents and grandparents told me when I was very young that they hoped that I would work hard in school so that I could attend college one day. I now attend college in Singapore. When I learned that I would not pass my physics class, I quickly found a Bukit Timah tuition centre where they offer physics tutoring. There was no way that I wanted to be kicked out of school for not doing well. I attend school thanks to full scholarship, and we sign contracts when we receive our funds that state that we must maintain passing grades in order to continue to get money to attend the university here. I didn’t want to lose the biggest financial help that I have ever received.

My family is from a small city where there isn’t much room to do well financially if you stay there with no degree. The only businesses that are there are small businesses and a hospital. I want to be a doctor, so the only way to do that is to go to school to get a medical degree. When I graduate, I plan to move back home and give back to my community by working in the hospital there. Of course, I will also help my parents and grandparents, too.

I wasn’t afraid of college when I first started at the university here in Singapore. I felt that I would do well at first, but it was a little frightening to find out that the classes here are much tougher than any that I’ve ever taken before. I did try to do well in physics, but I struggled to understand what I was learning. Getting extra help is allowing me to understand physics and even retain what I have learned in ways that I could not do with my university classes alone.

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