When my husband told me he wanted new furniture, he knew exactly what he was doing. I love to shop, and he knew that I would have a lot of fun buying new furniture for our deck. When we first married, I just moved into his house from my parent’s home. Since I had never lived on my own, I have never had the need to buy furniture before. I was really excited, because I didn’t think that I would ever get this chance. I looked at quite a few singapore furniture stores, and I knew which one I wanted to use within minutes of looking at their website.

They have such a wide variety of unique pieces, and I fell in love with so many of the different styles. For the deck, I knew that we needed to have enough seating for at least a dozen people since we often have small parties on the weekends. I was able to get a nice mix of sofas and chairs as well as some tables since we usually have food available for everyone to eat too. I was even able to get a nice portable bar with several bar stools, and I had a feeling that was going to be one of the favorite places to congregate at our parties.

I didn’t just stop there though. I found a really nice set of chairs that I knew would look great in our living room too. I told him that I would love to replace the old chairs that he had for years with them. Once he saw them, he agreed that they would look a lot better. They would be more comfortable too. Even though I bought quite a bit, the total bill was less than what I expected too. Maybe he will have me buy more furniture soon, because I had so much fun doing it!

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