It came as no surprise to anyone when the boss got caught running around on his wife, it was not like he had been any good at hiding it or if he was even trying. If I were him and I knew how well he was liked (which is not at all) around the office, then I would have been sure to have kept it close. At any rate today I have been moving his stuff to a new building called Parc Esta. Me and the guy who usually drives the truck have been doubling up, because all the stuff we usually use the truck for, well it still has to get done and it is really hard to get around Singapore. At any rate when we got there we found yet another woman there. It was hard to tell how old she was, but I would guess that she was between 25 and 30. I would not speculate on her exact occupation, but it did not seem as though she was going to be reading bible verses to old folks in nursing homes. Of course we suspected that she was involved in adult entertainment, although we were not sure about how far she was willing to go to entertain her audience.

At any rate the old dog is in a really big mess, because none of the money is really his and the wife has him dead to rights. She actually showed me some of the photos and asked me what I thought about some of the people in the line of succession. Her family does not own the company outright, but they have a considerable say in what goes on. That was how the boss got his position and right now it seems like a matter of negotiating his departure.

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