I’ve always been a bit fearful of things of a lot of things in life. I couldn’t figure out why this happened for many years, and my family couldn’t figure it out either at first. For example, I was recently looking for an apartment in Mcdonough GA one day, and I had an anxiety attack. The thought of living alone suddenly terrified me as I was taking a tour of the apartment. Afterward I was so frustrated because it happened in front of the employee who is giving the tour. And I felt silly because I know from hearing from all my brothers and sisters that living alone to be a lot of fun.

Mom said that when I was a kid, my brothers and sisters would forge ahead of my parents to explore all sorts of things. They had very little fear. I often hung back And stayed close to my mom and dad. If Mom and Dad sprayed very far from me, I would begin crying and I would often break down and cry. This puzzled everyone. What is a small child I didn’t think much about it, As I grew older and saw how strong my brothers and sisters are, it began to puzzle me.

At some point I was watching a TV program about anxiety. All the symptoms of the talked about on the show sounded like the type of symptoms that I have on him for many years. I told my mom about it she said that it would be a good idea to go see a doctor. This is when I learned that I had a diagnosis of general anxiety. I take medication for it, but sometimes I get anxious anyway. I will enjoy living alone, and I will make it as long as I do it.

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