I like a nice van to use to work out of every day. I do furnace repair, and I carry my tools and parts in a van every day. I was looking at Citreon van sales to get a new work van. I wanted something that was going to greatly increase the fuel economy. My tools are heavy, but not so heavy I need a van as big as the one I have. I also wanted something that was a lot more easy to drive in urban and village areas. It was tiring driving my big van around all of the time.

When I have to work with another person installing a new furnace, we will bring the big van since it can actually hold the furnace and duct work metal and tools. My smaller van I am getting from the Citroen van sales I have seen being offered is going to be my daily work van. It has two large panels on the side that could hold optional windows, but I am wanting one without windows. I can have a nice graphic advertising my business in those spots. I don’t want any windows on the back either. This is best for a tool and parts van. You want to keep prying eyes out.

I am looking forward to driving a smaller van every day, especially one that gets more kilometers per litre of petrol. Everyone could use that with today’s fuel prices. They are going down a little, but it won’t be ling until they go back up again. It is inevitable that gasoline and diesel prices will rise. I want to maximize my annual profits and still have a nice work van. The fuel savings will actually pay for part of my investment in getting a new Citroen van for my work.

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