My uncle is fairly well off financially, but his health is not as good as it could be and so I have been helping him out this week with some stuff he needs to get done now that the weather is getting nice. Of course I am still going to school, but I am not so far away that I can not do this as well. He has a woman who comes in a couple of times per month to provide a bit of senior home care in brooklyn ny and that is the only reason he can keep the house. My Dad is trying to get him to move in with them, but of course he and my Mom do not precisely get along. In fact Uncle Roy is not a precisely easy person to deal with unless you are the sort of person who is not easily aroused to anger. He just has a way of saying things, more or less as though he does not really care a lot about what other people think. I sort of like him myself, because he is a completely honest person. Other people will hide the way they feel for obvious reasons, they do not want people to be mad at them or they just do not want to deal with a person honestly.

Mostly the stuff that needs to be done is just housework of the sort that you need to do, some stuff needs to be gotten rid of and there needs to be some work to clean up the outside of the house. A guy I know is going to lend me a pressure washer, one that is not too big to squeeze into the trunk of my car. I need to clean out the gutters first of all.

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