My cousin was a recent college graduate and wanted a place to live. He asked me if he could get in on my lease and live with me. I told him no, because my apartment barely had enough room without him being in it. I really just didn’t want to give up on having a place to myself, but he doesn’t need to know that. I did give him the suggestion of going to to find an apartment that would be good for someone in his situation. There are a lot of recent graduates, which meant that my cousin would have a lot of people to socialize with once he got the apartment.

Things turned out well for my cousin. He was able to get an apartment, and he met a young woman who he would start dating. She graduated college that same year and was in a frantic rush to find living arrangements. I never understand why people who are this young are rushing to do any kind of apartment hunting. I guess they’re eager to just move out of their parents homes, regardless of how financially prepared they are. They should really think these things through, because if they can’t make the payments, then they’ll have to go back home anyway.

My cousin often calls me for advice when he is going on a date with the girl. He’s trying not to drive her away by doing anything stupid, and wants me to coach him like this is some kind of television sitcom. It’s funny that he asks me for help, because I haven’t been in a relationship in a year, and the last one I was in ended pretty badly. I guess he just looks up to me that much and is willing to listen to anything I have to say.

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