I was in a desperate search to find a place to live after I broke up with my boyfriend. Things quickly took a turn for the worse and he was following me around. I would see him at the store, at the post office, and even at the laundromat. He would just be watching me, not doing anything. One day he flashed a gun and I went out and got a restraining order. I was afraid he would kill me, so I followed a click here link to find a new apartment to live in. He wouldn’t be able to find me in a new place as long as I don’t tell anyone where I live.

One of the places I found in my searches was what I considered to be one of the most beautiful places to live. The thing that instantly turned me on was that this place had its own swimming pool. There’s nothing more I like to do than swim after a hard day of work and relieve my stresses. I can’t really do that now at a public pool without my ex-boyfriend stalking me, but at an apartment complex I can do it as much as I want without anyone knowing. It also was great that this place was close to my work. Since my ex has no idea where I work, I’m still safe in that regard.

Once I moved in, I felt safe again. My ex stopped appearing wherever I was because he couldn’t find me. I went to a new grocery store, post office, and laundromat. I even sold my old car and bought a new one. While I loved that car, I was happy to get rid of it if it would throw my ex off my trail. Hopefully I’ll never see him again.

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