Of course things never work out quite the way you expect, but I have a contingency plan and so I put my stuff in a storage facility called store friendly while I am figuring out how to move. The place I am leaving in is a dump and it has always been a dump. I knew when I moved in that it was eventually going to end up being razed to the ground and replaced by a big tower. Of course that makes it cheap and I have been trying to save money for my own place and the easy way to do that is to not spend money when I do not have to spend money. In due course of time I knew that this place was going to be gone though and I figured it would be relatively easy to get a new place, which it would have if it had worked out the way that I had expected it would. I made this deal with a real estate developer. He was going to let me have a brand new unit in this place along the Singapore River.

The place was very close to perfect for me, because I could roll out of bed and get cleaned and ready for work, then walk to my office in less than half an hour. I am thinking that on my bike I could probably do the trip in right at five minutes flat, assuming that there is not a big problem getting across this one street which has a lot of traffic congestion on it. Of course it was great until the inspectors decided that he had to go back and do some of the work over. I am about a month or so from getting in the place now.

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