After getting a Holland Village pedicure, I’ve been getting a lot of attention, and it feels good. I never thought that a simple pedicure would be enough to make me more attractive to the opposite sex, but I guess it is. I guess people put more stock into how a person’s feet look than I realize. I went to get the pedicure with a friend of mine because she was treating me for doing a favor for her. She goes to this spa all the time for pedicures and manicures. Before she took me, I never knew where the spa was.

The pedicure from the spa was something that I didn’t expect to be so enjoyable. The spa workers do a great job of handing feet with care and know just the right techniques to make them beautiful and clean. I feel compelled to wear open toed shoes and sandals more now that my feel are so perfect. Before, I would only wear closed toed shoes and things like tennis shoes. While tennis shoes are great for athletic purposes and casual wear, they don’t exactly make a person look that flattering, especially when they want to wear something more stylish.

Just yesterday, I was getting some coffee before going to work, and a man looked over at me and started a conversation. He was telling me about his own job and wanted to know more about me. I could tell he was into me because of his body language. He even complimented me on my nails. I was wearing open toed shoes, so it was understandable. He asked me for my number, and I gave it to him. I’ll have to do some shopping for our future date. My friend is going to help me find just the right pair of heels.

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