Holding a special occasion or party for young children? Getting a group of friends together to celebrate a special time in someone’s life such as a wedding, an anniversary, retirement, or other uniquely memorable moment? Entrusted with staging a vast production such as booking the main performer for a theatrically eventful evening of entertainment? Blow their mind with the illusionary fun and excitement of a magician. Have the whole crowd on the edge of their chairs, eyes wide open, and mouths agape, exclaiming, “wow magic”!

Trick performers and illusionists have been leaving their audiences perplexed in that state of awe exclaiming, “wow magic” for centuries. The common depiction of the lovable magician, top hat with red lined cloak, waving the tell tale wand, quoting the famous words “abracadabra” followed by pulling a rabbit out of a hat is what many people visualize when they think magic act. Magic can be far more involved. It is the mysterious realm that takes the slight of hand to a level that defies logic and mystifies the human mind.

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