President Trump Unfairly Accused of Being Mentally Unstable

The latest in Trump news is the Democrats are saying the President is mentally unfit to serve as our Commander in Chief. To me, this is just another futile attempt of the left to undermine President Donald Trump. Instead of criticizing the presidency they should be reaching out to make an attempt to get along and do what is right for our country. Unfortunately, with today’s technology and social media forums, things seem to be getting worse instead of better.

On any given day you can take a look at Facebook and Twitter and see numerous negative posts and tweets outwardly targeting the President with lies and fake stories. It is getting more and more difficult to sift through the fictional information out there. Hollywood celebrities, on the other hand, are not making it any easier for people to form their own opinions on political matters. They should be ashamed of themselves for preaching about how unfit President Trump is. Read More »

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No Place is Completely Safe

I always thought that I lived in these safest neighborhood in the world. The thought that anyone would think of robbing a person in my general area was absurd to me. I was naive for thinking like this, because my next door neighbor was robbed. The only reason that my house wasn’t robbed as well was probably because the thief could carry anymore items. My house could have just as easily been hit with enough time and preparation, and that was enough to get me to contact various security companies in the hopes of getting a security system installed.

I don’t like the idea of thinking that something may happen, but I would rather have that thought than have to live with the fact that something may have happened and I could have prevented it. Read More »

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