Everyone Loves to See Pretty Feet

After getting a Holland Village pedicure, I’ve been getting a lot of attention, and it feels good. I never thought that a simple pedicure would be enough to make me more attractive to the opposite sex, but I guess it is. I guess people put more stock into how a person’s feet look than I realize. I went to get the pedicure with a friend of mine because she was treating me for doing a favor for her. She goes to this spa all the time for pedicures and manicures. Before she took me, I never knew where the spa was.

The pedicure from the spa was something that I didn’t expect to be so enjoyable. Read More »

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Getting My Home Clean Without Me Cleaning It

I recently moved to a new country. WIth my work schedule, I needed cleaning services for Singapore. I went on the preferred cleaning website and they were able to help.

Before we moved in, they came and helped make sure it was clean and safe for my loved ones. They cleaned the cabinets and drawers out and got it ready for me to make my house a home. And all of the little jobs i was dreading are done such as cleaning the windows.

I love having a clean home but between work and children I had no time to clean. I was able to get part time cleaning help to ease some of my burden. They are friendly, courteous and did a great job. Read More »

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It Never Hurts to Have a Second Clean

Many months ago, I began the hunt for my first house. I looked through the many listings to find one that would suit my tastes, and many came close to making the final cut, but they were just missing something that made them special to me. Not only did I have to look at pictures of these homes, but I have to see many of them in person to make sure that the listings were accurate. I bought the best one, and I hired a service for pre moving in cleaning for Singapore, because even though the previous owner told me it was clean, I wanted to be completely sure.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a service do a second clean on a home. There might have been something that the original homeowner might have missed when they were cleaning the first time around. In any case, I was confident that the home was completely clean once I moved in. Of course, I would be making my own mess in the home and would have to clean it up. Read More »

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My Back is Finally Better

The first time I hurt my back was over a decade ago, when I was a senior in college. At the time I was the starting running back for a small college football team. However I injured myself horsing around with some other guys at this party just off campus. The coach was really mad at me, since there just was not too much behind me and we had a chance to win the conference title and go to the playoffs. I ended up going to a chiropractor in Concord and that was all that it took. He told me that the bones or vertebra in my spine were in the wrong place. It is a serious thing to consider when you think about however. Read More »

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This Will Not Be My Last Adjustment

I woke up last week feeling stiff. I did not think much about it because everyone has a bad night’s sleep now and again. I thought that was all that was wrong, even though I didn’t feel better throughout the day even with several cups of coffee, which is the cure for many of life’s woes in my opinion. I went to sleep that night hoping to wake to a better day, but that didn’t happen. This lasted for three days, and I finally had enough of it. A friend at work told me I should see her Vancouver chiropractor because it sounded like I might have something wrong in my neck or back since this was such a persistent problem.

I needed to get a good night’s sleep, and I also needed to be focused on my work rather than how awful I was feeling during the day. Read More »

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