I honestly thought there was no hope for my smile without investing a lot of money that I just did not have. I did not take very good care of my teeth when I was younger, and I had definitely been paying the price ever since. Though I started taking care of my teeth much better after graduating college, the damage was already done. When I moved to Denver, I didn’t worry about finding a dentist at first. It was not until I started having a toothache that I knew I needed a dentist for Denver Co.

I did a search, hoping to find one that would just get me in and out as quickly as possible. I was hoping that I would need to have my tooth pulled, because I was already missing three others in the back. I did not want to keep losing my teeth that way. They were able to see me the same day I called, and I was so thankful when the dentist was able to save my tooth by putting in a filling. Read More »

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