People down here can’t get over the fact that I like iced tea, but I drink it without any sweetener at all. They all like their “sweet tea.” One fellow tells me his “Momma makes sweet tea with so much sugar the pitcher she puts it in became a diabetic.” Well, I am a diabetic, and that is why I get the unsweetened tea when out. My wife uses artificial sweetener. I don’t like the taste. I’m not a perfect fit for southern living, but when we looked for apartments for rent in North Charleston, I felt we found a place we could call home.

I have been here 20 years and have not picked up the accent. I still sound as north as a suburban boy could be. Coworkers still refer to me as the “Yankee.” I can out-fish and out-hunt all of them. Though, I do my hunting with a camera, I get closer to animals every day that they wait season after season to get close to. Read More »

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