Coffee is a big deal with my friends. We have conversations about beans, roasts machines and everything. They seem to get into it like a competition sport to see who can have the most interesting coffee available when we visit one another. I guess it is like a replacement for the old dinner parties that our grandparents used to have. Some of my friends have some nice machines to make different coffees. Everyone has a French Press. All I had was my drip coffeemaker for the longest time, but I had been looking at deals on the best espresso machine I could find. My goal was to buy a used commercial espresso maker. You have to have the ability to do the steamed milk and stuff too. I finally found one I liked and could afford.

We had one friend who served expensive kopi luwak coffee. It literally is made from coffee beans that are pooped out by a civet. It is a mammal that eats coffee cherries and the beans do not get digested. However, the digestive enzymes of the animal imparts a unique flavor to the coffee. It sounds disgusting, and I really think it is. However, I did give it a try. After that, we all were kind of trying to top that. The coffee he served was insanely expensive. My favorite coffee is a small cup of strong espresso. I like to have one each day. I am not a caffeine nut, I actually like coffee for the flavor. The thing is that the bitterness of caffeine is part of the flavor. I only found one decaf coffee I even like a little. Funny thing is that it is an organic blend made by a major department store retailer. Yes, it is a strange passion. However, it is better than some of the things we could be getting into as young adults.

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