I did not want to have the tree outside my house come down. It was not because I was especially attached to it. I just knew that it was going to cost a pretty penny to have it removed because of its size. If I could have left it up, I definitely would have. However, I did need to find a Nassau County tree removal company because the tree roots were interfering with my sewage drains. I kept having water getting backed up, and a camera down the drain revealed the tree to be the problem.

The roots were not so bad that they destroyed the drains, but the plumber had told me that it was going to happen one day. He told me that I could either have the tree cut down now, or I could have it cut down later. The difference was whether I just needed a tree service to cut it down now or a tree service to cut it down later as well as a plumber to put in new drains. When he told me the cost of that, I knew that I was better off just having it done now.

I was feeling pretty negative about it, but that changed when I was given the estimate to have the tree removed. I had looked online at average prices, and the estimate I was given was several hundred dollars lower than what I was expecting. Saving that kind of money can make even a penny pincher like me happy. They had the tree down by the end of the week. They removed the trunk as well as the roots, and I could not believe how clean they left everything. Now that the tree is gone, I actually like it a lot. It just makes my yard look so much bigger now.

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